News Brief Thursday, January 8th

Thursday, January 8, 2009 | News

This edition will be the final News Brief from The Mobility Agenda. We hope you have enjoyed reading them over the past several months. Please visit our website,, for updates and news from us in the future. Thanks!

Give new fathers a year’s paternity leave, says CleggWalk on pier
“‘If dads don’t get involved with their kids early on in a meaningful way, often they don’t remain engaged afterwards.’”
Screw the UK’s ideas for long-term planning! This country was founded on the basic ideals of short-term profit!

Poverty in Oklahoma: a ‘challenging’ forecast
Under the shadow of the poverty banner, the forecast isn’t looking any brighter.

Worsening poverty calls for united effort in region
“Will you add ”doing my part to reduce poverty“ as one of your resolutions for 2009?”
Sure! But since it appears that one of your resolutions is to keep talking about poverty, I’ll go ahead and write it in for 2010 as well.

The Dispossessed
“They have been made poor by a combination of impersonal economic forces and legal-political obstacles to equality.”
The joy of the endless argument that talking about poverty brings…(The “responsibility rebuttal” isn’t far behind.)

Low-wage economy ‘creates child poverty’
“The report predicts that, without changes in policy, there will be a similar number of low-paying jobs in 2020 as in 2004, due to an expansion of employment in low-paid sectors such as retail, catering and lower-level service posts.”
Moving workers out of bad jobs means little if that bad job is filled by someone else.

To stop poverty, it takes a village
it takes a village that stops talking about poverty…

Barack the ‘Magic Negro’
“America, like much of the world, faces a growing polarization of wealth that has made poverty the new and real racism. People of all colors are being left out of the opportunities for good educations, good jobs, good health and good housing.”
Unfortunately, they will continue to be left out as long as education, jobs, health, and housing are swept into the growing pile of poverty policy.

Mississippi has highest teen birth rate, CDC says
“A variety of factors influence teen birth rates, including culture, poverty and racial demographics. For those and other reasons, kids in mostly white New England likely would delay child birth…”
Poverty was long ago tied up into a neat little package with racial divisiveness and teenage pregnancy (not to mention drug use, individual responsibility, etc.) Did we not learn anything from Pandora’s Box?






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