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Monday, November 24, 2008 | Margy's Blog & Updates

As we know, access to driving is key to a strong economy. Workers with a car are more likely to be employed, work more hours, and earn more than those without a car. (Workers with access to public transit are also disadvantaged compared to those with a car.)

For much more information on access to driving - please view our web pages on this topic at

Please review the following invitation and contact information for a new listserv dedicated to car ownership and financing, from our friends at the National Consumer Law Center:

I am pleased to invite you to join an email discussion listserv dedicated to issues affecting car finance, sales, and ownership.  The discussion will focus on car ownership programs, policy changes to bring fairness to car buying and financing, and alternative financing products for car purchases by low-wage workers. 

This list is operated by the National Consumer Law Center with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.   This listserv is for anyone who is concerned about car finance, sales, and ownership as well as anyone working on broader issues that affect access to transportation for workers and their families (e.g., insurance, driver's licenses, maintenance, etc.).

The goals of this list are to:

1. Encourage collaboration and growth within the fields of low-income car finance, sales, and ownership
2. Highlight promising practices and innovative solutions
3. Provide a forum for sharing questions and addressing mutual challenges
4. Encourage improvement in public policy and advocacy for low-wage worker car finance, sales, and ownership
5. Promote resources, research, conferences, relevant materials, and job opportunities
6. Encourage networking and relationship building within the field

To join please go to: and check the Auto Ownership, Finance, and Policy list.

I hope you will join us in our effort to ensure that families have access to safe, reliable transportation at a reasonable price with fair financing terms.

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