News Brief - September 9

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | News

Labor Market, Economy

Dear 44: Service economy
Apparently investing in their employees (in business speak: “value maximization”) is new to some companies.

Report details aspects of job deterioration
Economic news flash: Apparently productivity gains are unrelated to the value of labor.

Benefits, Paid Leave

A battle ends in one state…
Sick day issue pulled from ballot (OH)
…Begins in another…
Both sides gear up for a fight over paid sick leave (WI)

Pay mothers to stay home – author urges year’s leave


How poor is poor?
“So why does the federal government cling to an antiquated and wildly misleading method of calculating poverty?”
Why do we cling to wildly misleading arguments about poverty? We’ve been losing it since the conversation started.

Rich Man’s Burden
Who knew the rich were actually so poor? Apparently, not these responders.

Poverty touching many in America, citizens testify
“It’s time for policy makers at all levels of government to recognize America’s dirty little secret…poverty…”
Rather – it’s time for policymakers to pursue a communications strategy that actually works.

Health Care

Facing Veto, Democrats Drop Plan for Vote on Child Bill


Pay disparities persist

Clinton, Palin – what do female voters want?
Probably the same thing everyone wants: a strong economy, good jobs to support families, and equality of opportunity…

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