Progress on License Reinstatement Policy

Sunday, December 18, 2011 | access to driving | Margy's Blog & Updates | News

Here's a great new article citing The Mobility Agenda and making the case for reducing barriers to driving by lowering fees for reinstatement after suspension for non-driving offenses. 

"Revoking a license for non-driving offenses does not only hurt an individual, but can cause serious side effects in our communities."


Exception: Stack empty.

Chicago Tribune: People Need Cars

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | access to driving | Margy's Blog & Updates | News

The Chicago Tribune reports on The Mobility Agenda research on transportation and access to driving.

ownership of a car allows people to fully contribute to local economies through increased job opportunities, wages and hours worked.

“We forget that public transit really does not meet the needs of everyone,” Waller said, “particularly people who are working in the service economy whose schedules may not mesh very well with transit, or whose job location and home location don’t mesh well with public transit.”