News Brief - August 22

Friday, August 22, 2008 | News

Economy, prices

Voters in Polls Want Priority to Be Economy, Their Top Issue

Compare that to poverty/hunger/homelessness, which only 3% of people identified as the most important issue in a March 2008 Gallup poll.  Doesn’t it make sense to communicate in terms of an issue people really care about?

Real wages fall as record price hikes hit US workers
“…the average household now earns a staggering $1,500 less than it would if wages had kept pace with inflation over the past twelve months.”

Power rates spike in some states
Costs are increasing for everyone.

Health, Family Leave

Health, Family Leave

Paid sick-leave mandate opposed by Strickland, Fisher

Business group tallies sick-leave plan cost
Others question study results, say it represents “worst case scenario.”

Supreme Court to Review Pro-Worker Ruling on Family Leave
Court to decide whether leave applies to sick family members.

States push laws requiring paid sick days

Massachusetts law spurs rise in health coverage

439,000 more get health coverage
“In the past two years, Massachusetts has embarked on a closely watched experiment to become the first state requiring virtually all residents to have health insurance. The figures released yesterday provide some of the most compelling evidence so far that the experiment is working.”

Low-wage work

How Low-Income Neighborhoods Stabilize
Review of Cracks in the Pavement, the result of a 9-year study by UC Berkeley Professor Martin Sanchez-Jankowski on “low-income communities.”

Working poor still struggle

Budget woes in California may lead to higher taxes
“Critics call the sales tax hike regressive. It hurts low wage families the hardest because a larger percentage of their income will go towards paying sales taxes.”

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